Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Recap on Janssen Lab's Annual Trends In Financing

Earlier in December, Cambridge Life Sciences Associates attended Janssen Labs’ Annual Trends in Financing Holiday Industry Panel.

This panel was moderated by Merv Turner, former CSO of Merck and included Katrine Bosley, Entrepreneur-in-residence at the Broad Institute; Richard Heyman, CEO of Seragon Pharmaceuticals; Paulina Hill, Senior Associate at Polaris Venture Partners; and Joseph Payne, Founder, President & CEO at Arcturus Therapeutics.

During this event, the panelists commented on a variety of topics, ranging from current pharma R&D trends, new startup financing, and challenges with innovation. Here are some key takeaways from the event:

1. Recently there has been a 50% decrease in early stage life sciences investments.

2. At the current rate, the biotech bubble will burst in about seven years.

3. Healthcare delivery and payments are rapidly changing. However, whenever there’s massive change, there’s incredible opportunity.

4. In order to solve a problem, entrepreneurs need to be “crazy.” Don’t be afraid to break rules.

5. Not all money is equal. Entrepreneurs need to find the investors that are the best match for them.

6. Within the next 10 years, China and India will not be centers for life sciences innovation. Investors in those countries have no risk tolerance.

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